Monday, 4 August 2014

Just a thought #1 - What should I be thinking right now?

So the preacher has finished his sermon and says, "Let's wait in God's presence, " followed by either silence or music depending on the type of service. Sometimes when I get asked to sit and wait or similar requests, my brain thinks that its a cue to suddenly go off on some tangent. Normally starting with, looking forward to Sunday lunch, broccoli or cauliflower? Or sometimes, planning what I am going to do in the afternoon, grass cutting or something a bit more fun? I may even be looking around to see what other people are doing, should I be doing that? My focus of attention moves ahead of me. What are the worship band doing? The worship leader looks like she or he is into what they are doing. What's that, the band have their eyes closed this must be a serious bit. What's for dessert after Sunday lunch?

That's the thing with the brain you just never know where it will take you. On the other hand, have you every experienced nothingness, where the brain has gone completely blank, in my case it does that very quickly! It's that feeling of numbness, best described as nowhereness (if that was actually a word), a sensation of emptiness. In both situations, I ask where is my God are you in the silence or the busyness of my brain? If I'm honest I don't know, but I know He is not apart of the accusations that I hear in my head on a Sunday morning, "do you think you are any good", "you are a failure" or maybe that voice is saying, "you are beyond God's love".

To cut a short story even shorter, if you are struggling, there is probably someone else struggling and they could be sat next to you. Yes, God does communicate with us in many different ways and not always in our brains. He is always present, we just might not be aware of that sometimes.