Sunday, 24 November 2013

Learning from the Northern Vineyard Conference

So Leeds was on the radar for the Northern Vineyard Leaders Conference. The message was, 'you are the project'. Whatever you are involved in as a leader, not only are you serving others needs, but God is also working on you. That's the thing here, we can easily remove ourselves from this experience and take a distant role, where we are directing, but are not involved in it for fear it may have an impact on us. In my fairly short Christian life I have met people who appear to have become cynical, distant and disconnected from their ministry, it has become more about the task and less about people. I'm sure things didn't start like that, but lets face it people can be difficult, just like ourselves and unfortunately that takes it's toll on us. If we are to be the project then we should allow ourselves to be more vulnerable and put ourselves in situations where we can only push further into God to become powerful in our ministry. Where the experience becomes as much about deep learning on our part as well as meeting people's needs. Where we start from an intimate relationship with Jesus that flows into our relationships with others and the people we serve. That's what I have been thinking about after a trip to Leeds.

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