Friday, 17 August 2012

Deafened by the darkness

A life of service to the Shepherd or is it about fulfilling our own selfish desires?
We are not serving Him but our endless all encapsulating fear.
Sometimes we are so far away, an outpost on the edge;
Shattered and torn apart we sit and wait.
Grasping at anything that is tangible, measureable and acceptable to the world,
Sitting in this place like a carcass, an empty shell, waiting to be devoured by the darkness,
A place where the shadows seem more irresistible and the pull into the abyss is inevitable,
As we move deeper into this pit the ease at which we accept the tainted deception is frightening.
Where the light and the dark, merge together and become so hard to distinguish- who can tell?
Hearing the impatient finger tapping- are we waiting for more or simply procrastinating?
The pit calls again and we respond with ease,
Familiarity with tainted deception, pulling ever deeper,
Arrogance, insecurity, anger, self-pity and a controlling nature become gifts of the shadows.
Deafened by the darkness, we are in our own Gethsemane, abandoned by all.
People are no longer the problem
Are we alone?
Listening to our inner compass turning us 180 degrees
Finally seeing the darkness, we head back to the light.
The deception is over, for now.

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