Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Take the hint?

I'm rubbish at taking hints, one of two things tend to happen. The words fly over my head or I hear blah blah blah as they are dropped. A form of hint can be found in sales, called 'buying signals'. This is a set of behaviours that a 'would be' customer would display to show they are interested in a particular product or service being presented by the sales rep. If the sales person is able to spot these 'hints', confidence is increased knowing they are meeting the customer's needs. Makes sense when we talk with people that they also display these behaviours showing they are interested or not in the discussion points. Think of it this way, talking to a Newcastle football team fan about Sunderland or visa versa is going to bring up some interesting hints!

Recently in the church I attend, we have been very fortunate that God has shown some huge hints that he has been working in many of the ministries that are developing. You could say burning bush proportion hints that are very difficult to miss. The challenge is finding the 'hints' where God is working in our lives, especially when we are experiencing difficulties. This is the time when really we want confirmation and reassurance of His work as we grow in faith and the relationship we have with Jesus. It's easy to say you just have to look to find Him working, but maybe, when we get bogged down in this 'stuff' it is possible to miss God's hints in our lives?

I think what I am trying to say is that there is reassurance that God never stops working in our lives. In John 5:17 when Jesus is challenged for healing at the pool on a Sabbath. But Jesus said, “My Father has never stopped working, and that is why I keep on working.” So if you miss the hint just know He is working.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Seeing is believing, really?

Is it me, but doesn't the world appear to be getting more cynical. We seem to be waiting for the next big scandal to break like we were never expecting it and then act all shocked when we are faced with it. I am completely fascinated how I fall for the cover up spin, only to realise later that they are empty words. Naive, possibly? No wonder we live in a world of disbelief where we only believe what we can see.

The problem with 'seeing is believing' is that our eyes can be deceived. There are many perception exercises available on the net, designed to trick us into seeing one thing, but later it has become something else. The film Shallow Hal was about a guy who was vain, where he was driven purely by the way a person looks. After meeting Tony Robbins (author of Awaken the Giant Within) in a lift, he could only ever see the good in people, no matter how they appeared to look on the outside. Even his relationships became deeper, well for a comedy film. Remember cynics it's only a film!

That's the problem when we hold great weight in what we can see, our only experience is at face value. Dig a little deeper and we can found out so much more about a person. Doesn't that make so much sense, but why don't we apply it in our life? Could it be that we only see, what is inside of us?