Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There I go making the same mistakes again or when doubt hits

I was reading a tweet from @NedLunn which really bridged the void between social networking and life, in that it meant something to me. His tweet read, "Distracted by the tumulting sea and the blustering wind, I forget the static ground on which I stand. Lord have mercy on me." Us humans, well me anyway, when push comes to shove and we take a big step in our lives,  absolute doubt gets in the way. We are completely knocked off our focus and what we believe God has planned for us is suddenly pushed to the side line.

It's the "I forget the static ground" that touched my heart, five words that I really couldn't dismiss. Over the past few weeks there has been a few changes. Each one faced with resistance, procrastination and then acceptance and every single time I am thankful because it is God's grace that was the static ground that got me through it all. I know learning is a continuous journey, but this accumulated in me having a fantastic opportunity to share my testimony with two churches and talk about an area that is close to my heart, communicating God's word through relevant and meaningful music to break down barriers in His name.

So where does that leave things, thankfully God didn't leave me to become, "Distracted by the tumulting sea and the blustering wind..." and doubt. He extended His Grace again, to continue the journey on the right path and all in His name and free to make the same mistakes again when doubt hits, but for His grace. 

Lord have mercy on us all.

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