Monday, 20 December 2010

Beyond the tinsel

Let me just say that as this post is being written, I am looking at my Christmas tree with perfectly aligned tinsel equidistant from each bauble and bulb; which in turn has been strategically placed to extenuate each individual branch. The last bit is nonsense, but  we spend days preparing for our events at Christmas and sadly when we ask friends, "What was your Christmas like?" We tend to hear, "It was OK." And I suppose that is acceptable, especially when we think about all the pressures and stresses that the very preparations can create, not taking into account the day itself, when "The Rels" arrive!

I say, enjoy putting up the Christmas tree or pulling crackers, by the way who thought Christmas needed spicing up by giving away over lunch, nail clippers and packs of playing cards too small to see. Let's not even forget Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy the day even though Aunty Shirley thinks we are still six years old, or Uncle Arthur insists on doing the conga after a few merryments (is that a word). Even spare a thought for our nearest and dearest who has prepared for the day so that we can exercise our so called right to "relax". Please don't lose sight of the precious relationships we have with each other. Just for one moment, look beyond the tinsel and as we are celebrating this time over a meal please remember who this Christ Celebration (Christ mas) is about, Jesus and our relationship with Him.

Have a Happy Christmas.

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