Monday, 1 November 2010

Seeing is believing?

Can't possibly imagine what it would be like to lose my sight and not being able to see the world or experience it's visual beauty. Unfortunately and I include myself in this one, we take our sight for granted by assuming that it's going to be there for the rest of our life. I have also experienced not being able to see, even though I have sight. Sometimes the very thing that we treasure the most, we don't even recognise.

A story comes to mind about a guy on an underground train. Some children are running a muck in the carriage. He tries to ignore them, but notices that other passengers are becoming bothered by the noise. Finally he plucks up enough courage to talk to the children's father, "Can you do something about your children they are causing a nuisance and annoying the other passengers." The father replies, "I know, but what can I do? I have just come from the hospital where their Mum has died." And then there was sight. Some events do this, particularly the ones that challenge how we see the world.

Imagine a beggar without sight, sat on the side of a road. Some people are throwing money, others are ignoring him and even passers-by are scoffing and shouting insults. Pretty much everything he owns, the beggar carries. In their heart they know an event will happen, that if only it does and their chance comes along they will grab it with both arms, with absolute faith. 

In Mark 10:46-52, there is a beggar in very similar circumstances. He calls out to Jesus who is leaving the city and asks for His mercy, but the crowd attempt to keep the beggar quiet. This just encourages him even more and then Jesus calls for the man. He is asked by Jesus in verse 51, "What do you want me to do for you?" He knew what to ask and was given his sight. Imagine just being able to see the world and the first person you look at is Jesus!

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