Monday, 29 November 2010

It's snowing! Enable the ploughs?

The snow arrives, it starts with a few flakes, then a small shower and without us realising it, a full blown blizzard. We are stranded, stuck in our cars and prevented from going any further.

I reckon in the top 10 of important jobs at the moment are drivers of snow ploughs, they have got to be up there! Even the flashing amber lights are a relief (strange how in the summer they tend to mean being stuck in endless traffic jams and being annoyed :o) ). These people do a really important job, apart from clearing the road for us to continue on our journey, they are enablers. Without them we just couldn't move. Imagine if these ploughers cleared the snow and then drove our car to where we were going. Apart from changing job title to chauffeur, they have taken control of the journey and suddenly we only experience the drive as a passenger. What if, they decided to take us somewhere they wanted to go, but we didn't? Where would that leave us?

This evening I've been thinking about all the encounters people had with Jesus, like the many healings which literally changed lives. In Mark 10:52, "Go," said Jesus, "your faith has healed you.". Bartimaeus received his sight and followed Jesus down the road. At no point did Jesus say "you must now follow me, let me grab your arm and I will drag you there screaming."

Absolutely not, it was Bartimaeus that followed Jesus, in wonder and praise at the possibilities of being able to experience the world differently, he was healed! Jesus enabled people to do something next, an action which would hopefully be followed by another and another. At no point after an encounter with Him where people to remain the same and yet neither could they expect Jesus to physically grab them by the hand and drag them along. Jesus enabled His encounters to start their journey.

A thought,  are you an enabler or do you grab people by the hand? It's a fine line.

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