Wednesday, 4 August 2010

On time

I was reading a post from called Jesus will 'land in force'. After reading this the first thing that came into my head was, "get in I'm in time" and I would agree with you slightly 'self-survivalist', but being a new Christian absolutely what I thought in that split second.

Then a weight of responsibility came over me, about living life how Jesus wants us to and being aware that when we stray from Him the impact this can have over other people. An important discussion we had in the Discipleship course was about being aware of what we do, say and behave and how this can influence how Christianity is perceived, this a real challenge for me. I would be absolutely gutted if I prevented someone making a choice to invite God into their lives based on the way I behaved. I know this is a fairly simplistic view point and these issues are complex, but ultimately I believe each and every Christian can influence Christianities reputation.

I pray to our Father through Jesus Christ for wisdom and guidance to live according to His Son and that the way I behave is how He wants Christians to be seen.

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