Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Alpha Course

Churches will soon be running various courses for people interested in finding out more about Christianity from a multi-denominational perspective, The Alpha Course.

The Alpha Course holds a really special place for me, that's where everything started. If I hadn't received a phone call inviting me to attend, I would still be pretty much wandering aimlessly through life.

I remember the first introductory meeting. Before arriving I was a little nervous, in fact I was going to pull out of going altogether, but I didn't. Everyone there was very welcoming and genuinely interested in who I was. The food we ate was amazing and I have to say a bonus point. Seriously, it made things really relaxed and was a chance to discuss anything and everything, very soon we all became great friends.

Each week the course was facilitated by a leader who was respectful, understanding and genuinely cared about the people who were there. They did not shy away from the real issues, all areas of Christianity were up for debate. We watched videos presented by Nicky Gumble from the Holy Trinity Brompton Church, London, which covered Christianity with an entertaining approach. We had some brilliant discussions in a very supportive environment and a few laughs.

Part way through the 10 week course we went off for the day. A chance to really bond as a group and explore Christianity at a deeper level. We had a guest speaker who engaged us and explained the Holy Trinity in a way that even I understood.

I am not going to say that you should go to an Alpha Course, but what I will say is that it changed my life. Alpha courses are run by various churches in the UK and the World. Whilst I know you will have some of your questions answered, I can't guarantee you will have the same great food that we did. After all, we had the best Chef in the World :o)

The links below will help you find out more about Alpha. West Auckland Community Church ran the course I attended and have included their link for information. If you would like to contact me direct to find out more about my experiences of Alpha then click on the contact me link.

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