Friday, 30 July 2010

Does anyone have any heavy duty refuse sacks?

I was reading a post called Bring in the new, throw out the old from the WACC blog, which discussed 2 Kings 22-23, about King Josiah and his people not doing what God had intended. After Josiah renews the Covenant with our Lord, I am inspired to see all the busyness that follows.

After King Josiah renewed the Covenant with God and made a decision to be obedient, various 'getting rid' activities followed. Unfortunately in our culture obedience has a 'negative press' and brings up thoughts of  negative control, pain, suffering and forced loyalties. That's not surprising when you see everyday in the news the effect of oppression. That's exactly how I viewed things, for me now being obedient To God through Jesus our Lord is a choice and to bow down and praise Him, it's empowering and stuff gets done. Our Creator knows what's best for us, He knows us from inside out, upside down and left to right.

Recently, I had a realisation that certain belongings reminded me of some not necessarily positive attributes of my old self, so I decided to get rid of them. I invested in heavy duty bin bags from my local DIY shop. With great intent each bag was filled with the items and then ventured to my local refuse collection point. Now let me tell you at the time, it wasn't an easy decision to make,  I just knew that stuff should go. Throwing the sacks into the skip became a huge release and actually very energising. I now have a massive hole to fill, but this is being filled by things which God had intended for me. Obedience with our Lord through Jesus Christ gives hope and opens up the possibilities and new ways.

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